nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

May you always be blessed..

^-^ The lovely photo is the wonderful painting my Dad gave me for my birthday. The lovely Franc's real photo is incorporated into the painting. =^.^=
My parents gave me a birthday card with a photo of the painting inside reading "May you always be blessed with Noble friends"

I'm so glad the weekend is here - I seriously didn't think I'd survive the week. Today was the first day since after Christmas that I didn't feel extremely fatigued and jittery, and actually was able to concentrate - hope the trend continues.

My apologies to Shochu66 for not getting off my butt to send out the posterbook - I hope to soon..^^;;

Thanks to everyone who listened to me today when I had another spazzola attack over a Hydeist picture posting incident..but now that's over.. (I've been terribly jittery lately, it doesn't take much these days.. )

=^-^= The lovely cats made these great PV neat~!

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