nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

happy happy 2005

Wishing all of youns (pittsburgh-ese) a super New year

My xmas wishes came thru -heard - from sedefend...
Spent a lovely time with my family at my brothers house on my birthday -I could hardly be more blessed
I send all my love & wishes to all of of you.
I don't know why I was so blessed with a great family - but I cherish it = I was really abused and tortured as a kid (not by my family ...but by other crappy bullies)w- I would not have made it thru w/out them..

I send special hugs and greetings to Domo - NYDE!
to Katie, to Sedefend, to Ilene, to Melanie & Natalie
to Liv & to Shochu66 Nutmeg & DoColour...
and yes to Raul & Misotojiganshi.. ahh & well special good thought to those friends who I so admire ..taking the plunge, living large like buttercookies & jhisbe, & crimson memoire..& notafraidtodie.. ahah I know I missed folk.

acckk I think I can never remember all of you lovely dearlings... like tavestry/ luceage/jon/easternvibe/kristen/ violetcloud

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