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L'arc & B'ark ...such planning

The lovely Melanie & Natalie came over to endure a day of yours truly having a non stop Laruku/Hyde spam -a - thon ^_^... Hopefully, I didn't frighten them too much! lol I can say that my doggies were certainly smitten as well. I hadn't realized that the Moonchild premiere was 2 years ago today! ahaha go figure.. ( well it was one of the premiere events, the clip said 12/28/02) Sally & Tasha keep asking me when they are coming back =^0^=

Yesterday, Leigh & I went out to eat with my brothers, their spouses/kids & our folks. It was very nice - yet it was a rather odd feeling of, I don't know - sadness?, guilt? on a day when I knew so many thousands were homeless and devestated.
I must send out a donation by the end of the year - ... ^^;;
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