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friends remember..

Today I attended a Memorial service for my coworker ~ it was a pretty nice service. It was good to see a lot of coworkers there ^_^ We were worried that there wouldn't be many people - because most of her family is out of the State. *blows a kiss up to heaven*

Poor Leigh.. was feeling under the weather. I hope he is feeling better ~~ I hope he stayed home from work today.

I wonder how long my car will be in the shop? I like my boring ol' Volvo - the only thing I HATE is that the dealer is an hour away..

Priss - kyaa! your hair-do is so cute!

blufish I hope your daschund is OK!

Hrmm do I go blow some $75+ shipping for Laruku best of cd's? (ackk will the dvd's play in my computer? must check)
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