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Stress of commercialism gone wild, and not wanting to get into the whole Christmas buying blahblah -
Enjoyed a lovely day with both of my families... It's rather nice being a brother/sister married to a brother/sister~ Spent the last few days in a state of worry , but up to my arms in yeast & dough...
Made the family Greek Easter breads (I break down twice a year and actually buy foods so foreign to my house, eggs/butter/white sugar! haa!) and then I made vegan friendly Rolls, Whole wheat orange loaf /w pecans , Whole Wheat orange cinnamon & dried cherry rolls... It takes all day, but I like to make bread.

So after the first part of the day spent w/inlaws ( and BIG FAT VIRTUAL kiss to my lovely sister in Law Carole - who had the foresite and love to tell my Mother in law we will bring all the food to her, she need not do anything / ya see, last year my Mom in Law was finding herself in the Hospital sick)

Then ! haha later that day to My parents house - and well it's always a bit more 'relaxed'..
How cool was it to see Greg,Teresa, Kaley & Nick again! ^_^ I am lovin it!
Had a good laugh watching "Napolean Dynamite" - which omg, I never heard of, but my brother & family just found it a scream... we had so much fun.. And it's as if they made fun of all the geeky nerds I have seen/met/knew (the 'happy hands' sign language troupe - OMG I'm so busted....)

I hope the new year finds us all in a more peaceful world - we can hope & pray...and should

OH! Leigh received an A on his last class~ ^_^ Way to go Leigh!

Love to all of you
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