nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

Leigh's home~ Leigh's Home~!

Last year's xmas greeting from Hyde

Well today was like a totally spazzo stressy day for me anyway - Greg & his lovely Family (Wife Teresa, and cool kids Nick & Kaley) coming in from So Cal.... The equally loverly hubby & my parents off to pick them up at the evil Detroit airport// Well - Leigh & my parents (got separated - and were in 2 different cars ... yours truly? ahh just at home starting on Christmas breads.. well anyhoo - my Mom calls to say they returned home w/my brother and asks if I heard from Leigh- (Leigh does not really like cellphones, will not carry one unless under diress) - so well after some hour later of nervous anguish -- Leigh pulls up in the driveway. (Leigh preferred to just mumble and go straight to bed..but err if I was circling around the Detroit airport for an hour, I think I would do the same)

I did the chant w/the doggies "Leigh's home! " Perhaps that sounds silly - so silly for me to be worried about some slight thing. . but I was in a worrying mood, I saw a MAJOR accident on the way home today - and I'm always thinking of loved ones who are really hoping their dear ones come home. So here is wishing everyone finds their loved ones safe - or relatively so - no matter where they may be.
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