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大変悲しく思う [Feb. 4th, 2003|10:12 pm]
[Current Mood |tiredtired]
[Current Music |evergreen]

Early this morning at work~ all the people who worked in the finance dept started to gather around the area where me & my coworkers sit.. My Supervisor was calling a quick meeting. These things are commonplace, often to talk about some new procedure, or dept. meeting. It was to our great sorrow and shock to hear that our coworker Marty had passed away yesterday.
She had been battling cancer ~ but this sudden death was rather unexpected.

I've worked at RESA since 1978, and I've worked with her for most of that time. I hope you are enjoying a deserved happy rest~ and I hope comfort for you family.

I was so very tired today ~ I thought I'd fall asleep at my desk. The hour drive to the car dealer in the snow was a bit of a challenge *yawn*... and thank goodness Leigh came & picked me up from the dealer right before they closed.. I was getting anxious.

Katsucon is getting so close - I feel so unprepared - I don't know why. >.<
Larc en ciel best of albums Should this make me nervous? Ahh - but when I think of today's events.. it's a rather trivial thing isn't it..

[User Picture]From: miekochan
2003-02-05 12:33 am (UTC)


Hehehe just to let you know my Momma's now hooked on Hyde's Evergreen. I may introduce you two on AIM one day so ya'll can drool together! ^_~ *chu~*

Mieko ^_^v
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[User Picture]From: pimpinhyde
2003-02-05 01:09 pm (UTC)

...well rats, i think it deleted my post... *sigh* *tries to write it again*


XD I haven't EVEN READ your post yet, i just looked at the picture and my eyes boggled out of my head, and i made some sort of noise that scared my dog!! XD~~

Ok, i go read the post now, haha....


Somehow, i suddenly feel that my above post is inappropriate for subject at hand, but i shall leave it...

I'm sorry to hear of your coworker-- yes, let us hope that she is at peace now. Battle. Yes, often is a battle of terrible measures... But then again, people die everyday, every moment (exactly how long or short is a moment?) --on that note, life is an eternity, and only a second--it is a moment. I suppose we can take each death as a time to reflect on how much life can mean to us, as individuals, and how much it may mean to others--should you not value your own, and then perhaps, it would change.

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