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^-^ Greg stops by for a quick visit

It was so great to see Greg, my brother who lives in San Diego. He stopped by en route to Toledo for a business call- he & his family will come back in town on the 22nd ^___^ Despite the fact that I felt so exhausted from the pain filled past few days, it really was fun to chat again.

I need to take pics of the Sally & Tasha-butts.. =^.^= Hope they will cooperate long enough for me to get a few good shots.

I can hardly wait til to watch the Otakon Live~ it seemed like such a blur, it will be great to actually relax and enjoy it. The other day when I was watching the Shibuya Live footage DVD, Leigh came in and said "I can't believe you actually saw these guys" My feeling exactly, I can't believe it either.

Perhaps the numbers represent Yuki & Hyde's bank account (either that or sexual conquests.. J/K)

puppy love!~

I want to send Yuki's jacket to Pres Bush

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