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what the world needs love sweet love

it's been a physically painful day - but that is not what makes me worn -

Well yay - despite another period from hell, (the type I thought I wouldn't have any more.. won't go into detail, just to say I will probably need a transfusion.. haa!) I went to the post office & sent off my postal order to Hazuki *virtual kisses to Hazuki!* I was looking back at the e-mails she sent me from spotting me in Hydeist in 2002,... they are so dear! She alone is worth the Hydeist membership!

The 2 Smile Posterbooks I ordered (by accident DOH!) came via lovely Hazuki today. Man, they are freakin heavy. I am tempted to peak at them, but they are packaged up so nicely (a yellow box w/that signature smiley face) so I won't open them ~ (Shochu66 - I'll send your package out soon~) plus I have had a peek at the pics virtually

& while recent posts about Engrish have me thinking... I must say I'm pretty positive that despite anyone's misguided word choice.. the people I know online all have a good intent - all are pretty much reaching out with an open heart to other cultures in an enthusiastic way. I mentioned that I heard Hyde singing "White Power" when I first heard Flower - Kudos to Hyde .. listening to recent lives - "Like Flower" is easily heard. Sadly, my rather odd connection to the topic - while listening to "On the Media" (my favorite NPR program) early this morning, there was a piece about a White Power record site that has a campaign which is giving out CD's to kids in Minnesota.
geez - just one look at the joke page is enough to make you puke - their FAQ page // asd;adkjas just look at the last comment - These people are terribly pathetic. I SAY WE CAN WIN.. We will outnumber the haters with love~!!!!!

I probably sound sappy~ but ha! too bad.. I'm determined to be a vegan hippy lovey dovey~ I don't care what anyone says..

however - I do feel quite like this at the moment, so I will lay down now ... kthnx


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