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I believe in PC - Public Courtesy

First off, major hugs & good thoughts off to mitsuchan

So many posts in fandom related communites are overly spazzy & annoying, so when someone posts something insightful - and in my view HELPFUL to a group(s) that supposedly Adores their favorite Japanese singers - I'm a bit saddened by the response to faithfulmoder 's post about the overuse of the term Engrish . I understand that people thought their use of it had a rather 'cute' connotation, but when the people you supposedly idolize would probably be totally offended by the term - Wouldn't it make sense to think more prudently about using it then to cry that people are too sensitive? To me , it's like someone saying "Hey! Ouch, you are stepping on my foot & it hurts!" & me just insisting "No, it doesn't, I don't feel anything"

Personally, if I use some expression and someone tells me that how I'm using it is hurtful to them, I wouldn't try and defend my right to use it - I would try to understand why, and learn language that is not offensive - Especially if I claimed to like them>>~~~~~~>>>> ahhhh falls off my soapbox

I think my Posterbooks may be here postal delivery attempt notice in my mail~ *8900 yen for shipping* I still feel awful about this
stupid ordering mistake that created work for Hazuki - and learning in
an email where SHE APOLOGIZES for not sending them off because her kitty
ate poisoned food and her other cat was injured - so she has to take them
to the hospital all week.. Please keep a prayerful kitty/cat thought
for Pero & Ciel ~

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