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[Feb. 3rd, 2003|01:15 pm]
[Current Mood |painful]

erff! another painful monday! >.< Thought I could make it thru a day at work - - had to go home - I wish my endo pain would stop..oh well.

I've been watching several shows lately about ML King and the civil rights struggle (as this is African American history month) .. perhaps I'm just weird - but ever since I was young, (especially after watching that tv drama roots by Alex Haley as when I was in school) .. I wonder how would I have behaved if I lived in that time? Would I be one of the few who dared to speak against the bigotry? Would I be like the mainstream and find no problem with "white only" bathrooms? ...

My Grandfather was beaten up by the KKK in Detroit (ahh they are so broad minded ..the KKK - they didn't just hate Blacks, they hated a plethora of folk - so I guess swarthy Greek immigrants fit in their group folks to hate).. My Mom recalls being unable to go to Belle Isle (it was an amusement park in Anaheim, Ontario - you would could take a boat to get there.. a really fun thing) with her school pals because one of them was "mixed".

^o^ because it was raining, Leigh brought the dogs home.. I think I will cuddle up with my inu-chans.. wan wan!

[User Picture]From: pimpinhyde
2003-02-03 01:40 pm (UTC)

"splish! splink!" *into the wishing well they go*

^^ ahhhh, such a lovely picture....

dur, i feel like commenting, whether it be wanted or not.
Lets see...

"YEAY For Mr. King!!"


my best friend in first grade was "mixed". And my dad is a very prejudiced man-- he dislikes anyone who isn't "american" white caucasion. u_u it's so tiring to here him rant insults to the tv or whomever about people he dislikes. lala
now what.
oh yes! :D
i know the perfect pic you could have used for this entree, only if you had it... you know that one where Hyde is wearing a Tshirt with "Racism" written on it, but "X"ed out? XD <333333 Hyde!! Love that man. ^^

ok, i think i'm through throwing in my two random cents. ^^
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