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Time flies

December already? gah!

hahah One of the bosses I have, I had sent him the lj link a while back to seraphimsigrist 's journal - Ya see Seraphim is a Orthodox Bishop & my boss is also an Orthodox Priest -so when I surfed into his journal via the lovely ilenebook & found his comment in her journal.. ahh I saw his site, and he had posted some lovely Russian Orthodox Icon pics -

Today my boss asked me for the link again to Seraphimisgrist's site - because he lost all his.. !!ha! !come to find out he had started his own lj -and couldn't remember the name.. He kept trying things like 'myjournal' 'yourjournal'..etc

I didn't tell him I had one, he probabably wouldn't care too much if he saw it - I've only said good things about him in it anyway~... however, he just might think I'm a real freak = hahahah Oh wait, I am ^.~ ...

Most of my lj friends write fics - I don't but ahha! I came across a limerick I had written again today...
I think I should write an updated one LOL (this was during the Laruku hiatus period)

I'm not embarrassed to share limericks.. as well they are light & silly When in High school, I dated an exchange student from Sweden (the Estonian- from Sweden) and he was in English class with a poetry assignment.. so I wrote him a limerick (Mats was smarter then like most everyone in class..but writing limericks, poems that's crazy hard for a non native I think.. So I wrote :

There once was a foreign exchange
Who thought American kids were quite strange
He said so and got slugged
Got beat up and mugged
Now he hasn't any spare change

too funny

and I'm guessing at the limerick...crap I was in High school in 1978 OH SHUT UP ALREADY

Can someone give me a pill that makes me really energetic and get off my lazy tush & .. well organize the mess in my life? Kthx! I've not had that feeling of energy to actually be active in so long.. >><< oh well
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