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~~ A sweet friend I met in Hydeist chat sent me a Moonchild premium ticket and some flyers. . ufufu I never noticed before that it said hydexgackt! haha.. I hope I can find a scanner at work to use - crimini they really do look like a a couple in one of the photos.. Gackt has his arm around Hyde and their faces are pressed together.. cheek to cheek ..too funny
~~~~~~ on to more serious topics ~~~~~

What a sorrowful event ~ my heart goes out to all the NASA folk and families that are personally touched by this tragedy.

I find it such a sad irony ~~ how can a nation be on the brink of war- ready to bring more sorrow to so many as we mourn this loss>
I think we can be so selfish in that way ..

PS.. thanks to Katie - your comment urged me to edit my entry.. not that my lj is very erudite..but.. =p
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