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look at the calendar...

I used this pic of my dad's because ... well sinus / stress has me just grinding my teeth like crazy - so I must go to the Dentist and get a bite plate (I have had several..but just so much dental work and the bite plate becomes worthless) ahh I wish I could see hkoneko for it!

asdkfjasd How nice to come back to work to the snarky coworker.. She asks me if I will be taking time off at the time of the Martin Luther King holiday weekend. (I'm guessing she wants to make a longer holiday week with a vacation day) ...
Me: "When is the Holiday? January? February?" (I honestly can't remember)
Her response: "Look it up on your calendar"

I was in the middle of a project - so No I didn't run to look up what day SHE ALREADY KNEW BUT FOR SOME REASON WOULDN'T TELL ME and then she hounds me after a few minutes about my answer - I told her truthfully I hadn't time to look it up..

What the? SO NO I don't run to look it up - then I hear her bitching about me and my lack of "Team player" mentality to someone on the phone.
Really - wouldn't have been faster if she just freakin told me the date? BANGS HEAD She wants me to do her a favor - so why is she such a jerk about it?

Really, who am I to complain? I have a job - at a decent place & I like the people I work for.. Kthks I'm over it now *phew*

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