nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

>.> I'm so paranoid

lol I always have the after thanksgiving off - so why did I get so nervous when Leigh woke up - toddled off w/the =^.^= wan wan chans to work and asked me (while still in a hazy sleep I was...) "aren't you going to work?"

gahhh I started to get seriously nervous..omg do I need to go to work today?

crap, do you ever do that? Like, take a nap & wake up and think it's the next day? or wake up on Sunday and think it's Monday... ahahah I'm such a dooooooofus

duel jewel is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

LJ edit- ... fuuuuuuu... I can't seem to get this color banner thing to work - but first time I got
vegan is love and YAY duel jewel is love - just have to imagine your own colour banner *doh!*
and since this is a lazy day for me - I chose the blindfolded Point & shoot spam (meaning.. go to my overflowing photobucket and randomly pick a page)

*note to self one of these days I need to buy a W Lee Hom cd (he's the guy in the undies..he has a lovely voice)
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