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more spam and HydeLOVEdm luv - as an escape from the real world

Note to everyone - if you think I'm crazy.. please assure me that I am - but with every passing day I cringe at the thought of what our government is doing. . . and well not everyone agrees. Went to a dinner yester at Leigh's brother's house - and it was lovely & fun - but.. when the issue of politics came up - I think I came across as odd person out. People really can think Bush is on track? , aksjd;ajksdj

Sunday is the day of Political shows on TV - and as much as I try to avoid listening to news shows - the few bits I catch just make me incredibly sad/nervous/upset/... I saw a piece about a young fellow who lives in Fellujah - his home/ factory all destroyed & he is totally an innocent like so many - like so many in Iraq, innocent like the soldiers we send there - and well I do believe that the policies of this administration will create more Terror.. I try not to think too much about it because it makes me incredibly nervous

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