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just say no (to xmas) & yes (to D Suzuki)

Must be a time of Canadian inspiration.. first, I keep stealing images shamelessly from crimson_fantasy Hope he is feeling well!

Dang! I can't vote for David Suzuki - They have an interesting show on famous Canadians all up for the top spot - but it's like Hydeist LOL you have to be a Canadian Resident (OK I could lie..*cough*) For Canada's sake - I hope it is not Don Cherry (Picture Rush Limbaugh as a hockey commentator - sort of )
I've been watching David Suzuki's Nature of Things show for years - and tonight was part one of Apocalypse Cow - all about Mad cow disease. Next weeks show they talk about the outbreak in Japan..

Earlier inspired by a thoughtful post by borntohula Just so ho ho NO

It's hardly a surprise that Christmas is a 'commercial' holiday - in that I had heard it was like many Church holidays that started long ago - It had roots back to more pagan festival & celebrations that the newly converted were hesitant to give up (I could be totally off base - but I've heard that again & again) ... but I hardly doubt anyone envisioned it to turn into the rather sad industry that it is..
Leigh despises it because he feels it is blasphemy.. I'm not so religious, so it doesn't upset me in that way - but it still makes me wonder if our soul gets loss in all this buy buy buy mentality.

Me? Personally, I love to give people things - really! - I just hate the whole Christmas machine
Well one great thing about Christmas - I work for the school system so I get time off & I get to hang out with my family - and WOOT! My brother & his family from California are coming in...

>.< sorry this was rather goofy & rambly...
& not that this has anything to do with anything.. it's just amusing

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