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Yawn... I am so sleepy - Leigh snored a lot last night. Harumph! Too bad my dogs have taken up all the couch space--
Leigh told me that I must have cut him with my toenail last night - (well ok I was kicking him to make him stop snoring ... it didn't work though - it never does).. I felt bad for stabbing him with my toenail though -

^o^ Well I am 'official' Hydeist member now - I received my Membership card in the mail LOL It looks like a credit card. . (hmmm wonders if there are bonus 'points'... like other credit cards have - frequent flyer miles, etc.. ) Warau!

My Mazda no Okusama friends are all excited - Mazda organized a field trip to Tiger stadium today because Ichiro is playing. I can't wait to hear all about it.

ahh I'm also sleepy because I stayed up late making videos & sending them off in the mail.. O.o

I asked Priss if it's OK for me to lie on my LJ..because my life is not too exciting haha.. ^.~
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