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sometimes it's the smallest little things...

My wonderful hubby is a dear - but he often snores like a freight train. Months ago (even longer I think) I bought him some of those band aid like strips you put on your nose to help you breathe better. I never got him to try them, til the other day he mentioned them & wanted to know if we had any.

It's still early days, but from what I can tell they really make a difference. Leigh says he feels better too - Yay!!

*-* Laruku New Single - January 2005 More rounds of cheers~
I was trying to see how much I've spent on them by looking at my CDJapan acct history. Man- it only goes back til 2002- - so it's even worse then it appears~ (That's not including HMV or magazine order to Fujisan.. )
This is what my CDJapan "Shopping cart" looks like.. LOL (thanks to travellin_otaku for the pic)

^-^ A big thank you to YouYou bbs

This pic is crying for a caption - I just can't think of one at the moment

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