nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

^^;; I listened to the last little bit of President Bush's address yesterday. My mother always told "If you don't have anything nice to say.. don't say anything at all".
I will take her advice.. I will just say " "

and God help us all...

ahh the little singing hamster thing I thought was so cute?? >.< I brought it to work - thinking it would be fun. I played the little haddaway song maybe twice? .. I think my coworker was ready to Kill me.. she was soooooo Pissed off at me!!!!!!!! Really really PISSED!!
I even removed the offensive signing rodent down the hall -
but I think she won't forgive me.. crap! like I thought I was being fun. I think she was not feeling well== I just hate it when I think I'll do something to make people laugh, and it just pisses em off.

O.o I really didn't try to annoy anyone - I felt a bit bad
to make my coworker so flustered .. just my annoying everyday presence is enough! haha

^_^ my Friend Hatsuko surprised me and said I will be getting a Moonchild premium ticket! *hugs* ..

Katie - hope you are feeling better...Kudos for your Turning Japanese radio show!!!! yaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy

Richan - good luck with the job search~~!!!!
Meela - ahh we are on the save wavelength - so Big hugs & painmeds!!!!!!
Ger - well.. you just always rock
Midori - ATSUSHIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!
Box - Keep warm & take care not to burn yourself with space heaters... and *shhhhhhhhhh*** !!!! Let's keep this secret between us.. because I'm sure nobody else will read it.. Midori - she is an inspiration..isn't she??
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