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bpass - early days spam

Thanks to Ken's Cig bbs & kawailarc ^_^...

As much as some fans are cause of embarrassment by association (eye glares to Tofu records bbs).. I'm still thankful I didn't somehow end up most of the people in my demographic - who actually listen to this frighteningly popular station It's not even the middle of November, who in their right mind listens to all Xmas music all the time BY CHOICE? I can hardly imagine

I found this article a coworker shared with me a bit saddening -
Target stores won't allow the Salvation army to collect donations in front of their store any longer.. but what I find confusing is someone is claiming that Target probably did this because of S Army's anti-gay stance.. Huh? Sure it's a Christian organization- so not being pro-gay is hardly surprising. They just never impressed me as very vocally anti-gay - From what I can tell, they are a pretty decent organization..
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