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oh no! what happened to Ken?

^_^ had a fun day..
and *blows a kiss to Sleeping Hubby* Leigh's mood was much better... acck however saw me writing about his bad mood yesterday.. and well that annoyed him. I really try to only talk about Leigh in a positive way most the time, because I just don't think it's very good to speak negatively of people in general ~ and he doesn't deserve negative talk either.. oh well

Anyhoo -- My neighbor called me and asked if I wanted to go with her to Windsor, Ontario for a shopping afternoon! ^_^ I don't really like to shop a lot, but I love going to Windsor, we hit our favorite spots.
FIRST AND MOST IMPORTANT - the Italian bakery.. There is an Italian area in Windsor, the restaurants and shops all have food that is GREAT. Geez, in Detroit, (we are just mere minutes away)..all the Italian places kinda suck.
Then - we went to the dept store & picked up things. For my Tasha-chan (Siberian) I bought a little rug. We have wood floors, and poor Tasha is becoming arthritic. She finds it really hard to get up on the slippery floor - ^__________^ I think the rug is a success! I bought Leigh this nice little coffee maker thermos thing ^^;; but it has a crack in it! pooh!
Ahh but the silliest & most fun purchase... I got this dancing Hamster.. you press it's foot and (it is wearing boxing gloves) and it plays the Haddaway tune "what is love?" so cute & stupid..

Atsushi!! Priss's great new layout!

Hugs to Ger & Richan for perking me up yesterday~!
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