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vote once.. vote often ! & Kudos to Hydeist mods.....

Just tell me who wins... Kthanks! lol

I had an extremely painful day at work.. painful in the crampy/icky blahblah I don't want to get in to...but despite the fact I thought I would pass out from blood loss at points..

I still had a blessed day.. Why? Well! #1 thing on my happy happy squeal list
- comment from sedefendendo - (actually I'm always happy to get comments from people.. I was so over the moon happy when my recent post had 2 pages! yes count em ...2 pages of Responses!!! *faints* ) but sedefend... is a kindred spirit (I include Ilene too!)

#2 - I didn't pass out at work! yay me!

#3 - squealy rabid fangirls...! hahah yes~ even though I lament a bit about a certain new comm - in retrospect... it's so great that I can complain about something so trivial & stupid ( meaning ... I'm not complaining about being homeless or hungry.!!!! so hugs to the hyper hydeist comm)
^_^ still think the comm will be overly squealy - but a big Chu!!!!!!!! to the mods who don't hate me despite my rants! Ganbatte!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#4 Hyde... well of course - HYDE always makes it on my happy list.. .because .. hrmm he's a dork/adorable & he has voice that kills me

#5 doggies ^_^

this list is woefully incomplete -but it's just my list for today ...
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