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I wanna be elected,I'm your yankee doodle dandy in a gold Rolls Royce,I wanna be elected,

My write in vote for Robert Redford

Local Public TV showed "The Candidate" ... so timely - and I agree with the Detroit PBS host who said it was one of Redford's best roles & he should have had a nomination.. but dang.. I know I would much rather vote for Reford over Kerry or Bush! Lol

Yeah yeah once a fangirl always way back I suppose - I remember watching a twilight zone with my mom - and it featured a very young (early 20's?) Robert Redford and he played Mr Death. ahahha we joked about hoping that if death looked like would be a pleasant trip~ "ahhh because I could not stop for death..he kindly stopped for .. " which begs the question, if Emily Dickinson met with Mr Death ala R Redford..would she have been a bit less of a sour puss? ahh yeah I should hush up already!

speaking of voting.. I think the always contemplative & witty lj-er seraphim has the best alternative

I don't know what triggered my brain to run and find this book again... I think I was a Senior in HS or just after when I went to See the Baryshnikov live at the Masonic Temple in Detroit. I admit.. I was a fangirl *laugh* as didn't really have a great knowledge of ballet in general - but my Dad was in ballet until an injury (He even danced with some troupe in Japan during the war as a special service division...) so how wonderful it was to go with my Mom & Dad & see Swan Lake & Baryshnikov!!!!!! He was amazing but this picture always was my #1 favorite.. why? =^.^= doggie factor!

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