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dou suru?

No special reason for spamming w/the Aifuru doggie logo - just thought it was cute
OOh!!!!!!! This is fun - carve your own virtual pumpkin

Hooray - I was able to actually get into work early today to handle my bosses workshop.. and I was / am still terribly tired.

Why is it most days I can laugh this off - and some other days it just makes me crazy? Fear of guilt by association? Loss of sense of humor? Denial that I'm just as dopey as everyone else? ... well for whatever reason my holier then though *cough* response

Imagines these are really comfortable - The parka is the most comfortable one I've ever worn - (Now it is all covered with doggie hair XD)

I've tried to avoid too much news watching since it mostly involves snarky political junk - but I wonder about how the proposed Israeli Settler pull out of Gaza is going to pan out.
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