nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

shake rattle & roll

>.o! Prayers go out - first thing.. to all my friends in Japan hope you are safe despite all the earthquakes.. and as ever 24/7 happy thoughts to sedefend *& friends*

barely survived last nite & today.. was terribly queasy feeling yesterday & went home early... moaned & went to sleep at 9.. ever get the odd feeling you are too exhausted to sleep? It's hard to explain but that's what happened.. I think it was a sinus/migraine thing I'm not sure but woo hoo... woke up heaving .. what a fun way to start the day. ahh yes I know you are happy I shared that with you >..<

Well Leigh told me a cute story~ Picture this, Leigh drives a VW golf & everyday takes our dogs to work with him. So it's basically Leigh & fur.. ^_^ He said he was at a red light and Sally spotted another dog in the next car - AND SHE REACHED OVER AND BEEPED THE HORN!!! SHE BEEPED THE HORN!!!! 555555555555 How great is that?

ahh well early day tomorrow - Must try to sleep before I get another migraine

& random spam just because I can't help myself

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