nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

yay I voted!

Well perhaps it is not so out of character... but the election is looming.. and my old boss was on the Public TV local issue political spin show... ahh yes I am a dork in that way - and watch that stuff... I really avoid listening to the news a lot - but I hear about 30 minutes of NPR via radio... and some local blah blah on Sunday TV hahah so enlightened I am *snort*

Anyhoo getting ready to send in my absentee ballot....

wow ... I was surprised when I saw him.. he looks a lot thinner and older.. I hope he is not too stressed.

this is random - but pointed to Liv ... I really love Sugizo's sweet/clear wow how lovely!!!!
I'm falling in love with it

ackk I hate Sundays... ahahh I remember that line from Polyanna.. how weird to remember that

but yeah I hate Sundays ... just cuz... Mondays are looming
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