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A big fat lovey hug to Liv - who translated this ... I hope she found it enjoyable (as I didn't mean to make her translate - just to giggle! ^.~ ) I actually understand quite a bit - but not in context when I viewed it ...LOL I'm in debt to you Liv Her wonderful website that caused my happy happy Laruku obsession (really!)

From here, you can:

This morning’s conversation is quite funny!
And when you entered, they were talking about Harry Potter movie.
HYDE: I like Cellius even if it is not Gary.
(I’m not into Harry Potter so I don’t know who are Cellius / Gary --;)

A fan asked if he is drinking now, he answered, “Yes. I’m drinking strong sake.”
Ooo: “Have you tried Hita no Sachi (sake)?”
Ooo: “Maou (sake) was good?”
HYDE: Maou was delicious.

While fans asking several questions, he suddenly said, “I was kissed by Anis!!”.
Ooo: What kind of kiss!??
HYDE: I can’t remember well because I was so excited that time but he kissed me from the stage.
Many fans asked if Anis kissed to his cheek, to his mouth, or it was a deep kiss… <*giggle*
HYDE: I can’t remember where he kissed but he kissed me.
…he can’t remember where it was?
He said he was wearing Agnes b’s ( long sleeve shirts that printed a skull. As he said it after he was talking about Anis, many fans(incl. me) misread it as Anis’s shirts! XD

Ooo: Are you still using Asience shampoo? (
HYDE: It’s finished.
Ooo: What are you using now??
HYDE: I don’t know. Something cheap.
Ooo: What about conditioner? What are you using??
Ooo: How can I read it?? Tamarisu?
HYDE: Yes. I bought it in the hair saloon but it seems it is sold in any drug stores.
Ooo: I want to use it to have smooth hair like you!
Ooo: I’ll find it! / Okay I’m gonna try it! / etc, etc…
Ooo: How much is it?
HYDE > 玉理化学株式会社。 2300円180g
ooo: 2300 yen!! / God, that’s expensive! / That’s not cheap!! / 2300 yen for a conditioner.. is it cheap?
HYDE: Yeah, I think this is not that cheap. But after washing your hair, the condition of the hair is good for 2-3 days so wash with it once a week is enough?
(…Are you joking?)
Ooo: Have you cut your hair then?
HYDE: My hairstyle is the same. Just cut a little bit.
HYDE: There’s no hairstyle that I want to try, so I have old hairstyle now.
Ooo: The original story of Last Quarter reminded me of Secret Letters…
HYDE: I thought I would include Cape of Storms but the song was used in the movie so I chose different one.
(This answer was especially for her. I feel it doesn’t relate to her previous comment but I can’t find any other.
There are many many questions and messages to hyde after this, such as: “Please make an CD of live version of ‘evergreen’ and ‘Cape of storms’!”, “I’m looking forward to ROENTGEN STORY”, “Look forward to the DVD!”, “thank you for Halloween slippers!”, “Please make Cape… piano scores.”, “Do you still play darts and billiards?”, “Don’t you make the PV of other songs in ROENTGEN?”, “I want all rock version of ROENTGEN CD!”, “Please join 天嘉 event!”, etc etc… )

And then they started to talk about Adam in Last Quarter,,,
HYDE: Adam’s back… is that jacket of the DVD?
Ooo: Was it CG work?
HYDE: That’s made by Nikaido san (the director)… He might want the opposite with HYDE?
Ooo: Was that ruby necklace the same as she was wearing in the movie?
HYDE: I don’t know…

I can’t find the original comment from a fan but someone must joke about Yasu (Janne D’Arc).
HYDE: I’m not his lover! Oh, god!! He is an idiot!
Ooo: If he heard what you said now, he would cry…
Ooo: He might be watching our chat...
Ooo: ah.. but he might be happy to be called ‘Aitsu’ by you…
HYDE: He is a masochist so he wouldn’t cry.
Ooo: what about you…? S..?
Ooo: Yasu maybe a member of HYDEIST.
HYDE: I’m a sadist… so we a good match!? ToT
Everybody laughed^^;
HYDE left after a while…No comment from hyde except his last word “oyasumi~” (good night~). ^^
I’m interested in what Yasu said in his diary. He told his fans about when he had hyde in his car…

Re: HYDE in his chatroom liv - 2004/10/23(Sat) 11:24:50 No.9457

oops.. all *giggle* were gone somewhere..:(
The most comments about Yasu by fans were with *giggle*.

I noticed that someone told Hyde that Gacchan was also a sadist LOL ... too funny

Leigh started snoring up a storm & I had insomnia... my solution? at 3:30 AM go figure I started to watch the special dvds included in the Muncha box set.. (dork*)
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