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sending crack via the US postal service

Finally my schedule this week allowed me to get to the post office -

Sent off Hyde angle/Real live copies to:

shochu66 drops_of_colour bijuarukei (plus carnival of true cds) rosumari lirimaer

Please give me a reminder if I said I would send you one (I always do the overseas ones first...) and I believe that 4am_secret is on my list too

Yay! Last quarter making photobook arrived today - no chance yet to really look at it though..

I'm curious to hear what my coworker rakshi (of LoTR SaNet fame!!!!)
thinks of the Muncha photobook I brought in for her to see. We went out for Thai food yesterday & I was showing her the latest Le ciel because it had pics of Otakon. She kept saying "pretty boys!" - I wonder if anyone was listening to our conversation about the slashyness of both of our fandoms - I explained how Japanese culture seemed to be really slashy friendly.. so I figure what better proof then the Moonchild photobook.. LOL she looked at it and said "They belong on top of a wedding cake" Someone could make a killing with that - GakuHy wedding cake ornaments. .hrmmmm

OK enough silliness - off to cook... and more spam later... ^^;;
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