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my greatest fear is that there is no pms and this is my real personality [Oct. 17th, 2004|11:43 pm]
[Current Mood |gratefulgrateful]
[Current Music |eien]

My dad's 50th anniv Cover~

^_____^ great great concert *applauds & whistles* and proud sisterly boast - My brother's Organ solo was superb as usual..

50th anniv of the local symphony Which has really gotten so much better over the years..
The Orchestra conductor is PERFECT Charles Greenwell - Before Detroit Lost their classical music station (Such a tragedy really - WQRS) He was an DJ for the classical station and seems to know every bit of liner note trivia and interesting detail on every composer.

So fun - My oldest brother on organ, his wife (my husband's sister) on 1st chair flute) in the audience ,.. Leigh & I, my Mom & Dad, Leigh's Mom & Dad, My Dad's sister (aka Great & Groovy Aunt Pat)
and other friends.

There was an 'afterglow' event -at some local restaurant. virtual and invisible hugs to my great neighbor Mim.. who let my doggies out on a Pee break while we were out! (My neighbor has like 8 dogs - so I'm lucky in that regard. My previous neighbor before her was insane & actually threw poison on our grass - .... oh well that's another story)

but the Saint-Saens organ symphony! OMG ! hahaha I was ready to wave my hands and have everyone sway lighters back & forth (hahaha ok NOT... this crowd was mostly 60+ and someone had an oxygen tank)
They really sounded great though - and now I know why the conductor so loved the piece

Also included ( set list!)
Southern great lakes fanfare P Kirby (yay! local talent!!!!!)
English folk songs suite R Vaughn Williams
1. March Seventeen Come sunday
2. Quick March Sea songs
3. Intermezzo: My bonny boy
4. March Folk songs for somerset

Capriccio Italien, Op 45 Tchaikovsky

Symphony #3 in C minor Op 78 Camille Saint-Saens
I just regret there are always so few young people in the crowd.. /

go figure - no matter my fandom (classical or jrock) I'm always seeming to be odd person out age wise

hahah my Mom saw a plaque w/my subject line on it - and so she had to get it for me.. I'm always saying I have PMS
pms ( well I swear I have a period every 2 weeks.. so ahah it could happen!)

After the concert I had a chance to visit some more at my parents house w/my Aunt & talk to my brother Greg and give birthday wishes..

I brought my Le ciel magazine & Smile photobook for my Aunt to see who I had seen in Baltimore -
She found the photos rather 'vivid' .. and ahha she said "last time I was at your house, I saw some fellow with blonde hair - he was adorable.. .." (This was blonde era Hyde) so I showed her a picture in the Le ciel mag and explained how they are always changing hair color "oh.. he looks different. but wow , they all look so young and skinny. I'm glad you like this, it must add excitement to your life~ " hahahaha she kills me


[User Picture]From: violetcloud
2004-10-18 04:27 am (UTC)
XD i wanna hear this music!
(and i definitely understand the pms mood swing thing >_< damn my hormones!! die ovaries die!)
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[User Picture]From: hellocobweb
2004-10-18 05:49 am (UTC)
Yeppers, Saint-Saens rocks 'da hizzy, fo' sho'.

Someday, I'll do a version of "Danse Macabre" on a CD. It must happen. ^-^
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[User Picture]From: shochu66
2004-10-18 05:50 am (UTC)
Oh yes, your aunt is so damned right: it is indeed adding excitement to our life. And today our Smile Tour Photobook and Roentgen english version are coming. Shall we start screaming already or shall we wait until we got the goodies in our hands??!!!
Glad you enjoyed the Symphonie.
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[User Picture]From: elfqueen_melian
2004-10-18 06:32 am (UTC)
My greatest fear is that there is no pms and this is my real personality

LOL!!! That is priceless wit! That plaque sounds great, you should take a picture XD

Well, I've loved classical music since 4th grade and it was the only thing I would listen to until 11th grade O_o; Man I would have loved to see that concert!!! The flute is so hard, Leigh's sis must have loads of talent. Oooo, and I adore Tchaikovsky to pieces, Capriccico Italien happens to be one of my faves! I even flew back from my Pittsuburgh vacation a day early just to see the Tchaikovsky concert in my Indiana hometown, lol. I'm... not obsessed!! Honest! >__<;; Haven't heard that Saint-Saens symphony though, I've only heard Carvival of the Animals.
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[User Picture]From: tavestry
2004-10-18 10:47 am (UTC)
You'd think that with all the money that's going into the medical industry they'd be able to find cures for the female ills but NO! Apparently they haven't! I had surgery to get a fibroid removed from my uterus and goddamned! did that hurt! I was out of work for like three weeks. (not a good position to be in if you want to buy Gackt tix.) What gets me is that they don't seem to mind cutting women up but when it comes to a man and his little friend, well, they flip out!

So my disfunctional uterus and ovaries send warmth, love and pain killing endorphins to your ovaries and uterus. ;)
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