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I can't avoid dead animal Hyde san - even in memes LOL

Hydeism by miphileg
will be starting from
Of course, you need to bring alongkanashimi2
and don't forgetcrimson_memoire
Together you will travel139,730
kilometres using abroomstick, of course
just so you can see Hyde play onNovember 5, 2005
even if it will cost you$90,269,770
Once there, you will feellike molesting the person closest to you
because Hyde came out like this
and then heflipped off the audience all the while giving one of his sexy smirks soon followed by a trademark tongue flip.
Quiz created with MemeGen!

I saw an interesting feature today about Tattoos and how popular they are now. The segment said 1/3 of the population - I think it was between 17-29 yrs old had a tattoo. I'm still trying to imagine a whole generation of people when they are in their 70's still having these tattoos.. such an odd thought

Why Haido, why? Word is the pic was taken just moments before the swans realized Hyde was wearing one of their animal cousins.. and attacked him senseless XD

Off in a bit to the symphony~ I hope I can stay awake, I feel so sleepy today...
Happy birthday wishes to my brother Greg!!!!
(Congratulations Hydeist - happy 3rd yr anniversary- filling the world with dorkiness since 2001)
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