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Happy Sweetest Ramadan

OK so I'm a bit belated on the Ramadan greeting - but happy Sweetest Day
Sending out prayerful thoughts 24/7 to sedefendendo (crossing all my fingers and toes~! and by the way I can cross my index/middle ring/pinkie fingers simultaneously.. yes I'm a freak) & also
hkoneko 's Mom crimson_fantasy & everyone who needs a prayerful thought

My brother Greg sent me an email with his Xmas travel plans.. ^_^ YAY I can't wait to see Greg, Teresa, Nick & Kaley again -

Rather blue-zy sluggish, (like Ilene's pics of Pacific Northwest snails) - called in sick yesterday.. ughhh
Well I'll snap out of it, I'm sure - I hope. Chatting with the lovely Michelle is helping me though - and making me hungry ^.~

Roentgen English came - and the first press came with the DVD of cape of storms. *cheers*
I quite liked the DVD jacket photos

Even Hyde seems annoyed that the CD is Labelgate (you can't play it on your PC)-

*hugs* to Hydelovedm

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