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Sniffy - aka Hydesan -

I must say that watching Sniffling Hyde san talk about Roentgen & his love of English scenery and food will probably be more fun then watching the debate - but I'm anxious to find how that ends up. Leigh talked to some pollster on the phone yesterday, and I think had them totally confused - YAY Leigh! lol Hopefully my absentee ballot will come soon -._. _

^_^ My "great & Groovy" Aunt Pat is coming into town ~ she's such fun. I'm anxious to see her. We plan to all go out & see my brother's organ performance with the Symphony ^-^~! Live report later! XD

Crimini jimini- Hydeist also updated the screensaver section and it's from this shoot

As always a very 'snoozy' wallpaper - but it's nice anyway -

And if anyone wants to read the Japanese interview of Laruku at Otakon (from Le ciel) send me an email
and NO- I don't try to 'translate' It's really best that I don't XD

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