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tsukareta spam

This sleepy pic swiped from the lovely HydeloveDm..
LJ Edit - HydeLoveDM mentions that the pic below is from this magazine (I think some people on my FL are Ryuhei Matsuda fans)

It is exactly how I feel at the moment - I hope to finish scanning Le Ciel pics at lunch today *thwaps my scanner into submission. My scanner appears to be working, but the image is always blank.. any clues?* ahh and how cute, Ken is posing with cosplayers at Otakon in the Le Ciel issue.

(random note - I think my one coworker is giving me the silent treatment. Hrmm that could be a good thing-or not.. I just hope she knows I had nothing, I say nothing to do with my supervisor increasing her work load. Why she is peeved at me, go figure)

On my dork increasement campaign - I'm such a sucker.. I went ahead and bought the alternate version

sleepily goes back to work

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