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come out come out wherever you are

Photo from the humor file of demonesque

I was intending to post a funny "who is more gay, gackt or Hyde?" poll - but lj ate it.. and upon second thought.. .I just couldn't make it sound really funny - just rather mean - so I just gave up the notion. Plus... then I thought people may think I was saying something serious.

Made it thru a painful day ~ YAY ! Including an all afternoon company training on communication . Oh lol, the fun never stops! I do admire the coworkers who got up to do the training, yeah a lot of it seemed like cliche dribble ~ but it's a lot of work to get in front of your coworkers and try to talk to them for a few hours about the importance of listening, paraphrasing, etc.

Speaking of coworkers - I expect a bumpy ride ahead - when the one 'challenging coworker' gets back from vacation. My supervisor decided to give her more work and she is not happy I suspected that's why I got her snarky comment asking if my talking about Hydeist to my boss was work related.. I just fear she will be more cranky then normal >.o ! Oh well,...

^-^ Smile photobook came today. It's a bit difficult to scan - but here are a few pics .. I should try and do some at work as the quality would be better.

I think that mrhydeisme wanted this one - let me know if I need to make the scan better

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