nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

^-^ Thank you everyone for your lovely Anniversary wishes - Leigh seemed pleased when I showed him all the nice comments. ^-^ Thank you metallic_rayne for the lovely image /words

Thankfully, the evil cramp - o - monster decided to wait til yesterday to attack.. so I spent most of the day w/my trusty heating pad. Oh well, I did muster up the energy to make dinner - so I didn't feel totally useless LOL
Sadly, I wanted to go w/Leigh to church yesterday to hear our friend Larry (the Jehovah Witness) speak to Leigh's bible study group. I think that J Witnesses speaking at a Presbyterian study group is probably pretty unique. I'm glad to hear that things went well.

I miss my heating pad, *sniffle*... (it would be akward to use here at work) has anyone tried those heat patches that you stick on? Thanks again to Kia for the new pretty girly icon ^-^


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