nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

the stars are twinkling

Sends over a cup of ginger tea to ilene - hoping you feel better! Hugs to rakshi & toasts her Mom's heavenly birthday party (LJ Edit) My dearest friend sedefendendo I love her so much that it almost hurts.. but in a good way - can everyone please send a prayerful thought ? It doesn't have to be in her journal.. I mean just a prayer... the world needs to be populated with more people like her - and ... I think all her friends would agree whole heartedly!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU !
(sorry for the mushy-ness)

I was so stressed about making the totally doofus move I made when I inadvertently placed an order for the Laruku poster book... *wipes brow* of course, I shouldn't be surprised, but the lovely Hazukashi was not at all upset. I find her so totally charming - from her email:
I can use my PC!
Because it is fine today.
The stars are twinkling !!!

haha! I'm kidding of course - but I plan to watch the VP hopefuls debate. Cheney annoys me - but not so much as Bush..maybe because I just think Cheney is a heartless jerk, but not a moron.. *laugh* Probably Connie Rice is the one I'd like to most slap upside the head..because - well I think as a woman, she should do better.

I guess giving credit is not essential - as they felt the need to slap their identity in the MIDDLE of the pics.. ahh well *sigh* grateful anyways

Lucky me! I was all set to cook dinner - but Leigh was craving Thai takeout.. so no cooking today - that's what I like about Autumn though.. I feel much more like cooking in general - is it the same for you?
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