nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

kagen no tsuki

^_^ yay rec'd kagen no tsuki making dvd...

oh this seems random..but well my off again/on again endometriois pain ( and really in the spectrum of pain.. i'm pretty lucky) I find it helpful that I find these little gremlins in my head
really I do... they are so the gremlins that eat at my ovaries creating pain..
ahh well maybe you don't find it amusing, I do...

^_^ rec'd Kagen no Tsuki making dvd. Hyde! you are killing me! lol this movies looks really beautiful, and I think may rescue hyde from the shame of moonchild.. * oh don't look at me that way!..! If you can't make fun of Hyde, yet be a fan, you don't need to be here~*

I'm feeling rather awful lately. I hope this feeling goes away... * be gone cramps!!!*

Love & prayers to you all~ I've decided.. we can't have enough love & prayer in this world, so I will think about you/pray for you... regardless if you want me to or not =p and woot~! Nyde got my package woohoo! *happy*
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