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work related?

=^-^= Tasha... for Ilene

OK, this is not so much an rant about the 'problem' coworker.. as a WTHell? I'm not sure what to make of this - hrmm

I have a new woman I work for, and she seems really nice & thrilled with the 'comfy'ness of Wayne RESA - it must be a different environment from the classrom ~ and yet I think she is still a bit longing for a classroom of students.. We are fortunate (despite the anguish I went through over a year ago when my job got eliminated - and all that, it's still a great place.. or there wouldn't be so many folk like me working there for over 25 yrs.)

Anyhoo - She comments to me as it is around 4:30 - she thought I left at 4:00 (because some secretaries have scattered shifts like that).. So as she is talking to me, she sees my webpage at the Hydeist site and asks about it. I tell her it's a Japan fanclub site & show her the BBS page & the chat page - and she asks if I can read it, etc.. I mention to her that when Hyde goes online, the lamp turns on & then everyone gets all excited (LOL) So remember, this is a person I work For - She seemed genuinely interested/amused in this.

Well my favorite coworker pops up at my desk and asks "That thing you were telling Beth about, was that work related?"

WTF? I am WTF? OK - OBVIOUSLY there is no reason a Japanese fan club site would be related to my work. So I am kind of wondering, what is your point missy? If I am showing MY BOSS a non work related site of interest to me, What's it to you?
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