nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

too beautiful for you (it's a movie title btw)

more courtesy of HydeLoveDm spam...

I so love the look of this movie ~..~ I see why Cape of storms was used - such a perfect match

List 100 objects with which Gackt could be paired up. (People are objects too.) Spread it around like the clap.
ahh well I started out w/promise ... but hahaha like all those types of things, really I don't have the stamina/desire to go much beyond 20.. (I say it's a youthful thing, wanting to post your favorite 200 this or that, ... ahhh it's too tedius for me, even when - like this - it's just silly)

2. Kim Jung Il
3. Yoko Ono
4. Prime Minister Koizumi
5. Katie / Ashley Olsen
6. Oprah Winfrey
7. Hyde’s furby
8. Michael Jackson
9. Martha Stewart
10. Pillsbury Doughboy
11. John Goodman
12. Paris Hilton
13. Snuggle Softener bear mascot
14. Jay Leno
15. Dr. Phil
16. Energizer Bunny
17. Barney
18. Osama Bin Ladin
19. Danny Bonaduce
20. Phyllis Diller

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