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I missed ESL last week - >.< and for some reason I thought there wouldn't be class today - good thing that I called to check..
so I went to class. One of the Japanese students has a child in childcare, and they wanted me to explain to her that her daughter needs to be toilet trained to go into the next level of childcare. >.> Go figure, my dictionary didn't have 'toilet trained ' in it.. haha Sometimes the easy concepts are hard for me to explain - it's all a matter of vocabulary I think.

One of the students in class (she is from Albania) I found out that her brother is sick in the Hospital and not doing well, he lives in Greece. I really give these folk so much credit - it must be just so hard to leave most of your family (and in cases like students from Kosovo & Albania) I imagine there is a lot of pain in their history. They never seem really mopey or whiney, mostly just tired from working a lot. They really inspire me a lot.

~ ~ I always like to think that many musicians are goodwill ambassadors. I know that Japanese/Koreans (and we could probably pick a plethora of 2 countries that have difficult histories..) don't always see eye to eye - - and I was so happy to meet Korean fans that adore Japanese music. I never thought enthusiasm for Jrock would lead to violence! O.o a young friend (not Asian) told me that remarks were overheard about Hyde being an old dinosaur and stupid/ lame -- so in a moment of anger, a punch was thrown. ^^;;

2 of friends will be going back to Japan for a month - I'll miss them, but I'm sure they are eager to go back & visit.
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