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as if in a dream

I met Hyde in Hydeist chat !!Biggest kisses to Liv chan who IM me and said HYDE IS IN CHAT! LOL perhaps some of you who know me.. *cough* may gather that I am a bit Hyde obsessed ... oh wait - no I'm just a big fan really!

Imagine my surprise when I get an MSN IM from Liv - saying HYDE IS IN CHAT!!!!

and crimini Jimini!!! there was the regular chatroom (3 people ) it is about what?? 4am Japan time

Anyhoo I didn't think I'd be such a nerd (oh wait! yes I did) I was really nervous ... actually if it was in English I would be so much less nervous.

And woohoo today of all days, our my internet connection at work was crapping out on me all the time.. however
I did see Hyde wave & say hello .. he said he was totally silly in SOAP chat, then hahah Sakura spilt the beans that "Prince" was Hyde..

He has been busy with working on Hydeist HP renewal (woohoo Richan..he said he checked out Ayu's page (& M Musume) to look at their web design. Hydeist will soon be updated - Hyde says it will be really neat

I was feeling so stupid - because I was pretty tongue (hand?/ brain? ) tied - plus the constraint of being at work with an internet connect that picked TODAY to go kaflooy but .. before I left - and tried to say something (ok I said he had fans all around the world and that I was touched by his cd yadayada)

and of course ALWAYS apologizing about my sucky Japanese.. Hyde said "Please chat with me when my English gets better"

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