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The lights on-but nobody is home

Oh kidding about the strip poker thing.. (haha! Just wait for the live webcam section to get going ^.~) The Hyde light is on but it seems his PC froze - & the website kicked everyone off of the Hydeist game. - Thanks to Liv who said so, and neither one of us can seem to read any Japanese text displayed at the Hydeist game section.

A big huggy kissy thank you to the ever loverly sedefendendo who surprised me to no end with a paid lj account~.. ^-^! Just yesterday I was going to post a babble about how I realized my photobucket was now a 'premium' account (Since I gave them money a while back) & was debating about whether or not to get a paid lj account.. but my PC froze and ate the entry.. Oh anyhoo - what a pleasant surprise..thank you!

*chu* to Liv & Youyou bbs

I think this pic rings high on the caption potential meter..I just can't think of anything at the moment

ahh I see now, Lights out!
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