nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

5555555!(thai laugh) Just caught the very end of "this hour has 22 minutes" - a Canadian snarky/political satire comedy show. It's very clever... sort of the Canadian version of the Daily show (which I can't watch..but ahh anyway) ahhh a snippet of Bush on the stump speech tour saying how all nation have to band together to fix a broken Iraq.. hahaha the comeback 22 Minutes couple screams "YOU BROKE IT YOU FIX IT" sorry you had to be there- but the show is a riot, really.

I forgot to mention a huge glompy huggy thank you to Liv - who helped me so much yesterday.. Perhaps my whole situation sounds trivial and silly - but I earnestly worry about anyone thinking I would ever be so imposing or thoughtless ... Sadly, I have not heard word one yet from Artist Deli or the dearest Hazuki (but she is never really quick to reply) Thank you again Liv! You have my heart~~~

thank u! to
silverwinged who shared this uber delightful page of doggie lurve

ahh I swear there is really no - zero - nada - Music / PV type shows on regular 'tv' in my area. I never see any videos or have the will to sit thru commercial radio (and I can't at work, no reception) ... so~ hahahah my diet is always Japanese music shows I can rent. So today I ordered a cd for Leigh (well I liked the song too... but if Leigh expresses in any way he is a fan of a song.. ZOOM!!!!!! hahaha I feel so guilt free then to order it - Ayaka Hirahara / ODYSSEY Her "cover" of Jupiter I found to be quite stunning but lol that's all I heard so far.. anyone else have it? I will also be getting The Flare/Inner child soon.. anxious~!
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