nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

well ahah yay me *loser* only bidder for the Real Live Tokyo dome video.. which oh well I regret now..but anywho... I am the sort of anxious type - I get a bill, I PAY IT, like now, immediately. (do I have depression era footage in my head? ) lol I really don't like to have things going on credit, spread out payments.. Maybe I am just so ditzy, I say Pay it do it.. be finished.

well it's been a few hours and I get some blabla about not wanting to use Paypal for ebay ... and if you do - wait for another address. HuH? I can't tell if this is a 'personal' seller message or something tacked on to every ebay thing.. (I don't use ebay often) Oh well..

I just think I'm having a hormonal crisis meltdown today.. lol honest. .........

I mentioned before about so wanting to cry all day because I worried so much about making a friend think poorly of me -- ahah I had a respite! (I forgot to mention before) Here I was all ready to go into a silly wibble & a orange/white KITSUNE type dog poked it's head out the door of a truck near me. My heart leaped - -I swear, there is a reason I'm a vegan hippie! lol like Laruku, animals, saved me... ( well actually more dogs then laruku ..but ahah I'll let them all in )

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