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All you need is......

I sure hope Naomi is doing well & that she can attend
Monoral's Halloween Party - I think that would be incredibly fun.

How pathetic Am I? I've been wanting a decent version of the REAL Live Tokyo Dome event for ages.. Sure, Hyde looks like a crossdressing poodle/streetwalker- but it's quite a smashing concert. Color me stupid, as I was rather happy to see it on ebay & went to message mitsuchan & well, many of you know that I am awful at remembering ...
1. song titles
2. handle names
3. well pretty much everything actually
So I inadvertently IM someone who wasn't her & she didn't have any idea who I was. >.< *doh!* Why she was on my IM contact list, I still don't recall *laugh* - I'm sure there was some reason.. Oh well sigh. Hopefully, I'll remain the 'high bidder' on e-bay & the tape quality is decent.. Then I can defeat the purpose of ebay by just making copies of the tape for friends for free XD.

Broke down & bought the Last Quarter photobook from HMV.. *dork lite* (Still admiring the lovely wallpapers Liv has made from them!)

Thanks to Ken's Cig bbs

Sends out big time prayers & hugs to rakshi
& her very ill Mom..
Sends out cotton gauze and soft food to - hope those gums stop bleeding!
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