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Kagen no Tsuki spam continued

Group hug!

ahh I had fun yesterday - Leigh & I went to my friend Monica's surprise 60th! I met Monica & her husband Roman and family thru "Open Door" , the Deaf Theatre group we were in. Monica & Roman are Deaf, but their kids are hearing.. (Monica came here from Poland as a kid & Roman lost his hearing during a bombing raid in Germany... go figure they both met in Milwaukee).

>.< poor Leigh has a terrible sounding head cold.

Had a fun chat with DH today.. debating about starting a lj as Hyde's furby, Do you think people will believe it is real?" XD I am not into RP or understand why people even want to spend their time doing it, but hahaah I think I could have fun channeling Hyde's furby (because, I already speak Japanese in furby style ^.~)

oh well - here to the spam~!

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