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be kind to animals & Shana Tova

stolen from
aikoaiko cuz it's so gosh darn cute!

Almost as bizarre as Michigan's recent turmoil over the ability for hunters to shoot mourning doves - (OMG! so scary, such a threat OMG mourning doves! >.o *snerk* I wonder who has a mourning dove mounted on their wall making a ferocious face)

Ok first off - I don't hate hunters really & I don't have any more of an issue with hunting vs. meat eating - to me it's all very similar/non emotional - as I see the real pain in factory farming, mistreatment of people at agribusiness plants.. etc.. anyhoo

Saw on the news Mad Fox disease~... well pro-Fox hunters bashing at police.
haha! It seems the anti-fox hunters had rented a boat and dressed in furry fox & bunny outfits and danced around to Duran duran music *laugh*

just random...

^^;; >.o ! how scary this Ivan thing is.. and I'm not anywhere near it. Sometime it seems like the world is falling apart - yet I think we just are more connected to news. Truthfully, it's probably always been so crazy.

^_^ found in my "Scott library" of cool Joe Scott pics

I tell ya - Kids LOVE LOVE my Dad's work... although sometimes it scares adults.
hahah how funny - I brought a very similar picture to my Univ class when we were reading Kafka's novel Metomorphosis.. Lol

No real reasoning for these pis.. just poking around for some things.. LOL
hrmm I think the last 2 are credited to the wonderful liv_ark (& I think I must buy the "inner child" flare cd!)

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