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pms roller coater ride.. please remain seated & keep your hands in at all times

arggh I hope it's a better day tomorrow. I was on my way to work - then I just turned around and went back home >.< My sinuses were pounding (even my teeth hurt) and I was just feeling so depressed - *looks at calender* ..sigh.. but I did start to feel a bit better towards the end of the day. I hate these times though - because it's so irrational, and I just remained a big bump for most of the day.. I didn't even want to play online O.o!

Well ^_^ Leigh was in good spirits today - so that made me feel better. I was thinking of Midori & her Mom, as I saw a piece on TV about a woman who had ALS (and she had been a Nurse/caregiver herself) and the women was given a service dog to help her remain as independent as possible. (somehow I think Confetti would not make the ideal service dog!)

Sorry for the whiney entry..
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