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^-^ Doxxie spam! - nepenthes59 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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^-^ Doxxie spam! [Sep. 14th, 2004|10:26 am]
[Current Music |loverboy]

My neighbor sent me the pics of the daschunds we transported from Toledo to Windsor..

I don't know who these folk are - Perhaps they are from South Carolina where the transport originated.

^-^ This is the sweet little guy who I held on my lap the whole way

Is that a daschund or stuffed sausage? ^.~

One little guy is missing an eye..


From: hydebelle
2004-09-23 02:03 pm (UTC)
^__^ I love doggies!! Don't worry shochu66... it's no need to get embarrassed... helayne is very smart and doesn't put her pics online... ^_^V It's me that's the idiot that likes to put my pics for everyone to see. See idiots such as myself will eventually get stalked by some crazy internet otaku who will kill me. LOL. That's a little descriptive ne.
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